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Studies show that 40% percent of children enter kindergarten with insufficient math and language skills. Sadly, many never fully catch up throughout their learning career; highlighting the need for supplemental programs. Kinder Prep aims to solve this problem and is designed to bridge the gap between preschool and kindergarten. Our Kinder Prep program will teach your children learning habits that will help them excel in the classroom through small group and personalized instruction. We provide cognitive and fine motor development through name writing, letter sounds, repetition, and simple math. We recreate the social structure and environment of a kindergarten classroom, so your child will show up for the first day of school confident, and fully prepared. As a parent, you will know that you have equipped your children with the tools necessary for success.

Kinder Prep Classes

Whether working with our pre-kindergarten or school age students, we recognize there are stages of development for each child. Through Seed, Sprout, Grow, and Bloom, our program tiers provide stand-alone or complementary classes that provide a tailored approach depending on individual needs in the developmental process.


The foundational level: Uses visual, tactile, and auditory learning skills via multiple mediums. During this course, the most basic and fundamental level of learning starts with uppercase letter recognition, writing the letter, recognizing the letter, and learning the letter’s name and how it sounds with the use of visual cues. In addition, social and emotional skills are refined through various exercises in self-control, politeness, sharing and more.


The advanced level: Dives deeper in language skills and centers on lowercase letters; more complicated to write and recognize, and includes visual, tactile, and auditory training.
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The mathematics level: Switches gears to arithmetic by introducing them to number recognition and problem-solving skills. Students will learn patterns, counting, and other simple math skills. They will also engage in recognizing numbers in other languages to expand pathways in the brain and increase understanding.


The comprehensive level: Reviews the letters they have learned, introducing them to sight words, title case writing, and pre-reading skills. These activities are designed to solidify their grasp of letters and ultimately prepare them for the beginning stages of reading and writing.

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Covid-19 Update

Hey Parents! Is your child getting the most out of their online learning experience? We can help! In light of the unprecedented changes we are all facing in our country, it may be hard for families to adjust to the new demands of distance learning. If you are concerned that your child may not be getting the most out of their online education experience allow Thrive to help! We provide K-6 online tutoring packages and personal assistance for students that need that extra support to keep them on track and fully prepared for the future. Feel confident that your child is getting the education they deserve and allow Thrive to help eliminate some of the stress in these uncertain times.