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Meet Miss Samantha

Miss McKeon

Samantha is the visionary behind Thrive. She has extensive experience in early child development as she holds her bachelor’s degree in Child Development and has worked as a teacher at the Pre-K level for over six years. She has worked in well recognized and accredited schools as well as for the military in the Navy and Marine Corps Child Development Centers. Additionally, Samantha is currently in the process of obtaining her credential and master’s degree in education. Educating young minds has been a passion and she feels there has been a growing need for transitionary readiness throughout her time as an educator. Her goal is to utilize her knowledge and experience to address this important issue and give parents the peace-of-mind that their children are fully prepared for the next step in their education.


“Because every child is an individual and learns at his or her own speed, our mission is to provide an intentional and focused approach to learning. We want every child to feel confident as they go through school so that they can develop a love for learning and ultimately thrive.”

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Covid-19 Update

Hey Parents! Is your child getting the most out of their online learning experience? We can help! In light of the unprecedented changes we are all facing in our country, it may be hard for families to adjust to the new demands of distance learning. If you are concerned that your child may not be getting the most out of their online education experience allow Thrive to help! We provide K-6 online tutoring packages and personal assistance for students that need that extra support to keep them on track and fully prepared for the future. Feel confident that your child is getting the education they deserve and allow Thrive to help eliminate some of the stress in these uncertain times.