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At Thrive Early Enrichment Academy, we understand how critical it is for young minds to be nurtured in the early years. We know that patterns of learning established while young can set a course that will guide a child for a lifetime of education, help them build confidence, and develop a deep love for learning. Our goal is to assist in these transitionary periods to provide the best potential for academic success for our children and watch them Thrive!

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Miss McKeon

Miss McKeon has a passion for Kindergarten and school readiness. She has noticed a growing need during her career to better equip children for Kindergarten. Her goal is to leverage her knowledge and experience to address this important issue and give parents the peace-of-mind that their children are more than ready for the next step in their education.

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Covid-19 Update

Hey Parents! Is your child getting the most out of their online learning experience? We can help! In light of the unprecedented changes we are all facing in our country, it may be hard for families to adjust to the new demands of distance learning. If you are concerned that your child may not be getting the most out of their online education experience allow Thrive to help! We provide K-6 online tutoring packages and personal assistance for students that need that extra support to keep them on track and fully prepared for the future. Feel confident that your child is getting the education they deserve and allow Thrive to help eliminate some of the stress in these uncertain times.